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Brooklyn Queens Long Island (BQLI) Region

Women's League for Conservative Judaism

Carole Friedman, Webmaster, Brooklyn Queens Long Island (BQLI) Region

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Women's League for Conservative Judaism

About Us
Our History and Mission

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, founded in 1918 by Mathilde Schechter, is an active arm of the worldwide Conservative/ Masorti movement.  As an international organization, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism provides services to 600 affiliated women’s groups in synagogues across North America. This network links 100,000 women in 13 regions with groups in Israel, Great Britain and South America.

BQLI is the region of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism that includes Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island.  It was formed in 2008 as the combination of three former regions: South Shore Long Island/Brooklyn, North Shore Long Island and Eastern Long Island. It is the region with the smallest geographical area and the greatest number of affiliated Sisterhoods.

The mission of the region is to serve as a connection between Women’s League and its affiliates and members, and to provide services to strengthen the Sisterhoods/women’s groups. BQLI helps our member groups succeed by providing training, seminars, general trouble shooting and problem solving as well as networking opportunities for Sisterhood leaders.  Our programs seek to instill the religious ideals of Judaism into the lives and homes of our members, emphasizing Jewish ethical teachings as they apply to individual and group life.  We encourage involvement and participation in contemporary issues on the local, national and international scene.


A Message from Our President,
Grace Schessler                                 


November 17, 2017


Dear BQLI Region Friends,

During last week’s Shabbat sermon, Rabbi Joel Levenson (Midway Jewish Center, Syosset) discussed why the years of Sarah’s life are delineated separately (ie: one hundred years, and twenty years, and seven years).  Maybe each segment gave its own meaning to her life.

In Parshat Hayyei Sarah, the words “the years of the life of Sarah,” are repeated twice in verse one.  Perhaps, it has been offered, “the life of Sarah” is mentioned two times so as to stress that a human life can be categorized two ways…by the passage of time from birth until death (quantity) and by the quality of our years lived.  

Additionally, the double repetition could suggest that Sarah actually led two lives.  Sages have translated the final three words of verse one, “Shnei Chayei Sarah,” to mean “the two lives of Sarah.”  Sarah’s first life is designated as her initial ninety years before she gave birth to Isaac while her second life lasted the thirty-seven years subsequent to her becoming a mother.

Like our matriarch, Sarah, many of us see our lives as a before and after scenario.  Turning points such as marriage, birth of children, deaths, and even lesser events such as landing a dream job or meeting a forever friend can be life changing.  When I think about my life, I recognize that I have experienced many pivotal moments and I’m so grateful for the new paths that they created for me to journey on.  I include among the obvious, my marriage to Saul and the birth of my daughters, my serving as BQLI Region President.  The quality of my life has been immeasurably enhanced in a significant way through personal growth, leadership development, and lasting friendships. 

Stright paths are safe and predictable.  I’m not suggesting we begin to have babies at ninety, but no matter your age, you can choose to experience a pivotal moment.  Who knows…enhancing the quality of your life may increase the quantity!






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