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Seaboard Region

Women's League for Conservative Judaism

Marjorie E. Fuhrmann, President

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Women's League for Conservative Judaism

Welcome to Seaboard Region
Women’s League for Conservative Judaism


Our History and Mission:   

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, founded in 1918 by Mathilde Schechter, is an active arm of the worldwide Conservative/ Masorti movement.  As an international organization, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism provides services to 600 affiliated women’s groups in synagogues across North America.  This network links 100,000 women in 13 regions with groups in Israel, Great Britain and South America.

Seaboard Region was organized in 1945 by our Founding President Florence Rogers. It currently has a membership of over 5100 women, with 31 Sisterhoods in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 

The mission of the region is to serve as a connection between Women’s League and its affiliates and members, and to provide services to strengthen the Sisterhoods/women’s groups.   Seaboard helps our member groups succeed by providing training, seminars, general trouble shooting and problem solving as well as networking opportunities for Sisterhood leaders.  Our programs seek to instill the religious ideals of Judaism into the lives and homes of our members, emphasizing Jewish ethical teachings as they apply to individual and group life.  We encourage involvement and participation in contemporary issues on the local, national and international scene.