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Central Great Lakes Region

Women's League for Conservative Judaism

Marlene Deutsch, Webmaster, Central Great Lakes Region

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Women's League for Conservative Judaism

About the Central Great Lakes Region

Central Great Lakes Region was formed in 2008 by joining Central, Michigan, and KIPOT Branches/Regions.

Central Great Lakes Region includes seven states-Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  We are very proud of our 30 Sisterhoods.

Our Board meetings are conducted through Zoom since our Region is spread across such a large geographic area.  Zoom gives us the opportunity to be face to face with each other in the comfort of our own homes.

Our Facebook page gives us up to the minute information and The WAVE, our newsletter emailed every other week, keeps us connected with each other and Women’s League for Conservative Judaism.

We reconnect with each other at Spring Conference and WLCJ Convention and other CGLR events.  We are a Region of involved, dedicated, and committed Sisterhood women who create a caring and warm community.

Edna Schrank
CGLR President


Spring Conference 2018

April 22-24,2018

Highland Park, Illinois


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