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Garden State Region

Women's League for Conservative Judaism

Sheila Kaufman, Webmaster, Garden State Region

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Women's League for Conservative Judaism

GSR Logo letterhead AsmallThis year Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is celebrating its 100th birthday. Many changes have happened over the past 100 years and there are more to come. However, our mission remains to support conservative Jewish values in the synagogue, home and Israel. That’s what sets us apart from other organizations.

This year’s Divrei Hokhmah offer a different approach for study to open your meetings. Rather than focus on an annual theme, we are presenting brief study pieces on words that begin with the letter Kuf. Why the letter Kuf? Kuf is the 19th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and has the numerical value of 100. What a perfect complement to our centennial celebration. Be sure to check out the letter Kuf on the Women’s League website and while you are there check out all the other resources available to you as a member of Women’s League. 

As a member of Women’s League, you are never alone. The Garden State Region Board is here to assist you and point you in the right direction. Call us whenever the need arises, to network with your Sisters or just say “Shalom”. 



Ilene Rothman
Garden State Region-WLCJ



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