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IntraContinental Region

Women's League for Conservative Judaism

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Women's League for Conservative Judaism


Welcome to the IntraContinental Region

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, founded in 1918 by Mathilde Schechter, is an active arm of the worldwide Conservative/ Masorti movement. As an international organization, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism provides services to 600 affiliated women’s groups in synagogues across North America. This network links 100,000 women in 13 regions with groups in Israel, Great Britain and South America.

Our IntraContinental Region’s mission is to serve as a connection between Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, it’s affiliates and members, and to provide services to strengthen our sisterhoods/women’s groups. This further enhances the Women’s League mission, which includes supporting our affiliates in mutual efforts to understand and perpetuate Conservative/Masorti Judaism in the home, synagogue and community; and reinforce their bonds with Israel and with Jews worldwide.

Our IntraContinental Region so spread out and we rely heavily on technology as one of our primary forms of communication. Meetings are conducted on Zoom and Face Time, which gives us opportunities to be face to face with each other from the comfort of our own homes. We maintain communication through our monthly bulletin. In this way we stay connected with each other and Women’s League.

Cindy Ginsberg
President, IntraContinental Region


Dear Friends,
Earlier this month there was an emergency meeting of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism’s Board of Directors. The board voted unanimously to change Convention 2020 in Schaumburg, Illinois, to a virtual convention on Sunday, July 12, 2020.
The WLCJ bylaws state that an election of officers must take place at a Convention. However, in light of the challenges and uncertainties facing our members and our world with the Covid-19 virus, it was felt that it may not be safe and people will not be ready to congregate at an in-person event. Hence, the virtual Convention.
This decision was not taken lightly. We are now preparing a schedule for the day, which will include the election and installation of WLCJ’s new administration, as stated in our bylaws. We will be sending out updates on the virtual convention in the coming weeks.
Please also know that anyone who has registered will get a full refund. All details will be announced shortly. 
We hope to see you virtually on July 12, 2020, if not before.
Margie Miller
International President
Women’s League for Conservative Judaism


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