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Women's League for Conservative Judaism


The MetroNorth Region of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism is the network for all women who support our mission of enhancing Jewish knowledge, engaging in Jewish life, expanding communal involvement, and supporting klal Yisrael. It is for those who belong to affiliated sisterhoods and those who join directly. As an active arm of the Conservative/Masorti movement and the largest synagogue-based women’s organization worldwide, Women’s League provides service to thousands of women and hundreds of women’s groups.


Linda Klempner, 2018 MetroNorth Region President


Birthdays: A Time to Reflect

The only birthday party which is recorded in the Torah is that of Pharaoh, a non-Jew.  “It was on the third day, Pharaoh’s birthday, that he made a party for his servants (Bereishet 40:20)”.   Therefore there are opinions that celebrating a birthday is a non-Jewish thing and Jews should avoid any celebration.  It has become a common practice in contemporary times for people to celebrate the anniversary of their birth.  The exact method of celebration ranges from simple wishes of “Happy Birthday” to extravagant parties that are thrown in honor of the event.  Our family and friends go to significant lengths to make us feel loved and cared for.

 For the last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about birthdays.  That might be because I just had mine on Thursday August 16, but it’s also been on my mind for a while because the summertime has always felt like the perfect time for reflection.  In the summer the air just feels different:  people are traveling more and lying back in the sun having time to think without the pressures of work and our daily lives.

While I won’t tell you what year I hit (it’s rude to ask a woman her age), it’s been interesting thinking about the passage of time and how so much has the possibility of occurring in the next couple, few, or even next decade of your life.  When you celebrate your birthday, you’re celebrating a year’s worth of new experiences, trials, tribulations, and excitement. 

What are some important things to reflect upon as you reach a new age?  What have been some of the high points and low points of the past year?  As time goes by, birthdays seem to creep up rather quickly and before we know it we’re a year older.  Where has the time gone?  What have you spent most of your time doing?  Especially if you are starting a new decade or a significant year, it’s a wakeup call when you realize how much time has passed.  You always have time to change your priorities.  Make sure you’re living up to your potential.  

Your birthday might be a time to celebrate, but it’s also a time to reflect on milestones and moments that you can’t get back.  Life is short, so make sure you’re living it to the fullest and doing what makes you the happiest.  Reflecting about your year is an important exercise in acknowledging that life is sacred and that keeping yourself healthy should always be a  priority.  Always keep in mind age is just a number and you are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

Happy Birthday to all you August babies.

Shabbat Shalom



Dear Friends,
Earlier this month there was an emergency meeting of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism’s Board of Directors. The board voted unanimously to change Convention 2020 in Schaumburg, Illinois, to a virtual convention on Sunday, July 12, 2020.
The WLCJ bylaws state that an election of officers must take place at a Convention. However, in light of the challenges and uncertainties facing our members and our world with the Covid-19 virus, it was felt that it may not be safe and people will not be ready to congregate at an in-person event. Hence, the virtual Convention.
This decision was not taken lightly. We are now preparing a schedule for the day, which will include the election and installation of WLCJ's new administration, as stated in our bylaws. We will be sending out updates on the virtual convention in the coming weeks.
Please also know that anyone who has registered will get a full refund. All details will be announced shortly. 
We hope to see you virtually on July 12, 2020, if not before.
Margie Miller
International President
Women's League for Conservative Judaism


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