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Pacific Southwest Region

Women's League for Conservative Judaism

Karen Deutsch, Webmaster
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Women's League for Conservative Judaism

PSW President Jina Rezvanpour

Enriching every woman through Jewish values and experiences.

Torah Fund Pin Chesed

The theme for this year is Chesed—Kindness.

The new Torah Fund campaign for 5780 begins July 1st.

See the Torah Fund page for the new forms and pamphlets.

Save the Date:

March 13-15, 2020


More info to follow

Networking to engage, enrich, and empower Conservative Jewish women

Upcoming Events

Sukkah Luncheon October 17, 2019 AJU
Shabbaton March 13-15, 2020 Irvine Embassy Suites

About Pacific Southwest Region

Women's League for Conservative Judaism, founded in 1918 by Mathilde Schechter, is an active arm of the worldwide Conservative/ Masorti movement. As an international organization, Women's League for Conservative Judaism provides services to 600 affiliated women's groups in synagogues across North America. This network links 100,000 women in 13 regions with groups in Israel, Great Britain and South America.

In 1947 the Pacific Southwest Region was organized by the late Mrs. Jacob Kohn, who became our first president. This region now numbers 30 affiliates in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas.