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Central Great Lakes Region

Women's League for Conservative Judaism

Rachel Ferber, Webmaster

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Women's League for Conservative Judaism


Welcome to Central Great Lakes Region!



A Personal Message from our CGLR President 

Dear CGLR Members and Friends,

It’s a pleasure to welcome you to our CGLR website. We hope it will be your resource for all that is happening in our region as well as for information about our history, leadership, and the amazing Affiliates/ Sisterhoods and individual members that are the timeless strength of our region. 

As a proud member of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism (WLCJ), the largest synagogue-based women’s organization in the world, and a vibrant part of the worldwide Conservative/Masorti movement, we also will feature programs and information about WLCJ.

CGLR is dynamic network of modern Conservative Jewish Women. We’re one of thirteen regions of Women’s League. The breath of our region includes: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky.  Although our region is broad-based – a wonderful tapestry of ages and interests – we’re united in our mission of commitment and service to our Jewish Community. We also serve as a connection between Women’s League and our Affiliates and individual members. Forty Affiliates/ Sisterhood strong, we’re truly a region without borders. The operative word is Together, B’Yahad.

Together, B‘Yahad We share an indomitable spirit to uniquely reflect the vision of our founder Mathilda Schechter — to unite and support each other in our efforts to understand and perpetuate Conservative Judaism. CGLR is here to help you succeed in our shared mission by providing training and leadership workshops, seminars, support services, and problem-solving consultancies. 

Together, B‘Yahad We dedicate our lives to family, mitzvot, study, Torah, community, and Israel. Through our programs and advocacy, we provide the pathway for you to be all that you can be as a modern Conservative Jewish woman, as leaders as part of something larger than any of us individually. We are one vision, one heart, one voice, one purpose.  Our journey is one of opportunity, possibility, and fulfillment!

Together, B‘Yahad – We study; pray; engage in Torah Fund, our dedicated philanthropic project, to support five Conservative Seminaries throughout the world; reinforce our bonds with Israel by nurturing ahavat Zion (love of Israel); and work for social justice.

Together, B’Yahad — We dream fearlessly and go forward relentlessly in acts of service to ensure a Jewish legacy for generations that follow us. 

Together, B‘Yahad –We get things done with kindness, respect, and even laughter, while building and sustaining friendship along the way.

Together, B‘Yahad – We make a positive difference in our Jewish Community.

We invite you to join us on our journey!


Pam Schlosberg, Region President





We Are Central Great Lakes Region…

….A region of dynamic warm, caring, interested, and interesting community of Conservative Jewish women. We’re a part of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, (WLCJ) the largest synagogue-based Women’s organization in the world, whose mission is to perpetuate Conservative / Masorti Judaism through the home, synagogue, and community.

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